After a long day’s work, you yearn to sink into your sofa. Durability, support, and comfort are what gives your furniture life. Flexible Foam is one of the largest manufacturer’s of polyurethane foam for the furniture industry. With our Flexible Thinking, we can provide you with your cushion component.

For those in need of an upgraded choice – our HR foam is suitable for you. Its surface is soft yet responsive, providing premium comfort you didn’t think you could get with the firmness you need. Our High Comfort, high resilience (HR) foam is designed to be the premium combination of support, comfort, and bounce.

Our collection of foams are manufactured using our strategic, award-winning process, EnviroFlex™ Technology; an industry leading, environmentally friendly system that provides exceptional physical properties. Innocor Foam Technologies is continually committed to creating solutions tailored to meet customer needs.

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