Carpet Cushion


Your neighbors might not see our product. However, they will feel the physical sensation of elegance and luxury upon stepping into your home. Carpet Cushion provides not only a plush step but also enhances the durability and performance of your carpet for years to come. Maximum support for the absorption of the wear and tear of daily life on your carpet is imperative to maintaining the fresh look of your floor.

We manufacture Rebond and Prime carpet cushion products. Prime carpet padding is made from virgin polyurethane foam. Rebond carpet is primarily made from recycled foam that is shredded, processed and bonded together with adhesive. Flexible Foam’s manufacturing process ensures that only quality raw materials go into our products, creating a premium cushion.

With so many different combination’s of color, texture, and fiber available to choose from, quality carpets enhance the comfort and practicality of your floor while transforming the way you work, play, relax, and live. Carpet with Flexible Foam cushion turns a house into your home.

Ask your carpet supplier for Flexible Foam’s carpet cushion!

Our Benefits:

  • FHA and Green Label Certified
  • 100% Recycled Trim; 100% Recyclable
  • Manufactured without CFC’s
  • Moisture Guard Protection
  • Premium Comfort  & Support
  • Superior Energy Absorption & Distribution
  • Increased Lifespan of your Carpet


We are a proud member of the CRI, Indoor Air Quality Carpet Cushion Testing Program and currently meets the current low VOC emissions criteria for qualification.

For more information on Carpet Quality Standards, please visit the Carpet Cushion Council at

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