OUR MISSION – Our Mission Statement articulates a common goal that inspires daily improvement.

Innocor Foam Technologies will strive to be the industry leader in innovation, environmental stewardship, service, and quality while aggressively developing the markets within all product categories, maintaining comprehensive customer satisfaction, and enhancing profitability for all stakeholders.

OUR VISION – Our Vision Statement unites a group of purpose-driven people to articulate our shared services, culture, behavior and principles.

Innocor Foam Technologies will cultivate and embrace strategic alliances for the development of value-added partnerships in regards to both customers and suppliers. We will strive to provide our partners with opportunities for enhanced profitability, innovative products development, influential marketing and strategic focus unsurpassed within the marketplace.

Innocor Foam Technologies will offer a competitive, complete and extensive product line to our customer partners. We will stand above and beyond any competitor by providing a highly educated and focused sales team, an extensive product offering, the best service and quality within the industry, manufacturing facilities logistically located throughout the nation and a commitment to the success of our partners.

Innocor Foam Technologies will strive to enhance our partners’ market penetration, service capabilities and profitability. We will commit to our partners to value their insight and to engage them and to consider the effects upon them in regards to our company progression.

Innocor Foam Technologies will stand with integrity behind our commitments and our ethics. With the right strategic-aligned partners, Innocor Foam Technologies and our partners will impact the industry and succeed beyond expectations.

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